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I actually dreamt about Mojo last night (yes, I know)... Mojo 10 was unveiled, and it looked rather weird. It had 'Marley' written at the top instead of Mojo, and the page's background looked a bit like newspaper paper, with silhouettes of different animals like buffalo and birds and other things that were supposed to be related to LucasArts games. The links were in a gold colour, the whole thing was aligned to the left, and the normal Behind Mojo link was gone; when I hovered over it there was something in the statusbar with 'connecttray' or some such. Behind Mojo was now accessed by mousing over the right of the page, at which point the cursor would turn into an arrow pointing to the right.

That was my dream. If you guys really are making Mojo 10, which I hope, I suggest you don't use these ideas, because the Mojo 10 of my dreams looked terrible.

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