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Name: Tor
Race: Moria Orc
Age: 20 Shire years.
Born in: Moria spawning pools
Bio: When Tor was born, he was soon spotted to be different than the rest. Though he was one of the most adept fighters the Moria goblins had ever seen, he lacked the will the cause harm and kill. He enjoyed gardening cave 'shrooms and cooking more than pillaging, though could do so if he wished. He was abandoned as the age of 10 because they thought he was useless. He was found by some dwarfs, who didn't recognise him as a goblin, so they took him in. After, they discovered that he was a goblin, but instead of killing him, they just abandoned him. He now went on in search of adventure, but more importantly a place to call home...

The Mickster
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