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I'm not exactly one of the powers that be, but as the guy in charge of the wiki (which I hear they'd like to increase the prominence of eventually) and an eminence grise-wannabe, I'm the closest thing paying attention and can tell you two things.
One: the one you want to contact is Metallus. He goes by the name David E at the Telltale forum. Pm him there and you should get a response within a few days to a week or so.
Two: your suggestions remind me of some things that could use doing on the wiki. If you want, perhaps you can do one of these:
  • Too many of our most important pages have a lot of text lifted from Wikipedia. (pretty much all the write-ups you mention ) This is a big embarrassment and the quality varies. Ideally, that text should be rewritten in our own words. This is a non-trivial task (and still too daunting for me..) but would be much appreciated.
    If you're interested I'll create a list showing what parts of what pages need to be replaced.
  • We can still use a synopsis for The Invaders and The Trouble with Gary.
  • You mentioned scans. Do you happen to have a better quality scan of the front of the special color collection lying around? I don't need higher resolution, just something that's cleaner than the current one which has some compression artifacts.
  • Nobody's giving me any design feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about the wiki design let me know.
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