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Originally Posted by ewade View Post
Bought the game, and played though to the end. At that point I could go back and select any mission and play it as Starkiller. THEN I played the 3 bonus missions (Hoth, Tattooine Jedi Temple).

After I completed them, I wanted to go back and try the earlier missions. But, the only choices I have are the 3 bonus missions and the Sith game. The Sith game starts me at the very beginning like when I played the game for the first time.

Is this normal? Is my entire game I played prior to the bonus missions gone?
It should be normal. From what I understand you have a save slot for:

-The original adventure
-The Jedi Temple

If you want to play the original adventure again, you can either use the same save slot and it will start you automatically on Starkiller's first mission to track down Kota. You can then pause it and go to the menu to select a different mission you would to play if you would like.

The other bonus missions; same thing basically. You can use the save slot you used for that mission again and you will start again from the beginning. Any Jedi Holocrons you have collected will be marked as received and won't be there where you originally found it and you points progress will still be the same as well.

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