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Chapter VI – The Unknown

“What exactly are you saying? You've...made some changes to the prosthetic?” I heard a muffled voice say. I couldn't really see, for reasons unknown. Aside from the things I was taught in the Academy, and afterward, I didn't feel like I did, during the war. Then, I had the constant wish to know exactly where I was, and what was going on around me. But right now, I didn't care very much. I don't know if it was the procedure that had dulled my wishes, but I did know that I was still alive. A start.

“Yes. Ones that she will find useful. The technology for it, along with the partial optical replacement you've given her, is woefully lacking in both form and function. Not to say I am better at this then you, but I was able to better the form, and the function.” This voice sounded familiar, though it had a bittersweet sound to it, which was oddly welcoming to me.

Opening my eyes truly, I found that my vision wasn't partial, but nowhere near complete, being slightly blurry. As I sat up, I felt numb in almost every part of my body. Immediately, I saw the Med-Tech come running up to me. It wasn't the Twi'lek, but rather the same female that greeted me last time. “Careful Mercedes. Due to the length of your relaxed state, atrophy has affected several areas of your body, though not critically.” The fact that she didn't use my rank wasn't any concern, mostly because I was numb enough to where that was my concern.

“Tell me about it. How did it go?” She helped me sit up on the bed.

“Perfectly. Though, at Revan's insistence, a number of changes were made to your prosthesis that, make it function much better than it would've without them.” She pointed at my arm.

Though I hadn't thought to look at it just yet, I now knew why. It was startling. It was scaled to my existing arm, but what would've been skin, looked like black durasteel. Several sections of my wrist and upper arm had sections with deep purple lights. As I examined it, I found it odd that it moved exactly in unison with my real arm. It was sufficient, though I didn't know if it would hinder me. Either way, I wouldn't let it.

“Revan also said she was having a new uniform made for you, something a little more unique than your previous one. Should I go fetch it for you?”

I rubbed my face with the cold metal of my new hand. “Of course. I'd rather not wear these medical robes too much longer.” She quickly left the room, and I was free to wait for her, something that brought me displeasure only after she'd left. Standing, I felt what she'd meant. My legs were slightly cramped, making me almost fall. Very quickly, I felt the stinging sensation in my legs, making my ability to walk smoother. I looked at myself in the mirror over the refresher, and was slightly surprised. Like the lit sections of my arm, my new eye was of the same color, matching my hair. Along with that, the two scars that marked my face, one of them a crescent shaped scar over my left eye, and the other a slightly deeper X shape that was under my right eye.

While I was getting used to the way the prosthetic moved, it still took me some time to fully clothe myself once the Med-Tech came back with my new uniform. Which, while it was pretty much like the uniform that I'd worn before, it had a number of things that weren't on my first Admiral uniform. From the new rank insignias, to the slightly darker pallet of colors it used, and the drexl-leather gloves that came with it. Rather than wearing both, I slid the left one on, covering my prosthetic, and tucked the other into a pocket just before I left the room.

After the short shuttle ride from the Medical center, I found myself entering the large building that was the Republic Navy base on Coruscant. It was only for a short time, since I was soon told that I was requested to meet with Revan aboard the orbital dock which was far above Coruscant, to discuss what she planned to do. Most of this was standard procedure, nothing that seemed unusual, though the fact that Revan was able to almost command officers that I'd seen be unwilling to follow orders of anyone but the chancellor, was nothing short of brilliant.

Upon entering the meeting room aboard the dock, Revan nodded at me when I entered. Quickly, I noticed that I wasn't the only high ranked person there. I'd almost expected her to be there, but she was nowhere in sight. Aside from that, I could tell that the presupposed notion that Revan had planed to take the remainder of the Republic fleet and scour the Outer Rim for Mandalorians, wasn't exactly the truth. Helping this assumption along was the fact that many in the room were involved with the Mandalorian war in some way, the ones that survived Malachor V.

“As you all understand it, I have the wish to take any remaining Republic vessels into the outer rim, to look for any remaining Mandalorians. In some respects this is correct, though it isn't Mandalorians I'm looking for.” She punched in what I took for coordinates into the holo-display, and it showed a number of worlds. The first was Dantooine, which was the same Academy that Revan attended for awhile. Then came Kashyyyk, Tattooine, Manaan, and finally, Korriban. Lastly, it showed a system with a few planets, all orbiting around a massive star. “This is what I am truly after. And for those who are unsure, our system doesn't have data on this area of the galaxy. However, I can assure you, what I aim to find here is worth the looking for. At this point, I only have one question to ask of you. Any of you that wish to accompany me, simply remain here. Those that don't, you may leave, though I will not think less of you for doing so. Along with this, any of you that command a fleet, and are willing to lend it to the cause, it will be greatly appreciated.”

Most of the Generals and Admirals in the room stayed, though a small number did leave. Either way the room wasn't much less populated when they left. But once it was clear that no one else was going to leave, the attention turned back to Revan. “Very well. Any of you that need to prepare your fleets, you have three days to do so. Dismissed.”

At this point, the remaining occupants of the room left, aside from myself, and three or four others. I walked up to Revan. “Um, I don't want to kill the surprise or anything, but what exactly are we going to find there?” I pointed at the still active holo-display.

“I suspected that you would ask that. A few years ago, before the wars, I found something on Dantooine. An old ruin, containing relics from a civilization that conquered that galaxy five thousand years ago. Of the relics within the ruin, was a map had the location of four planets on it, the ones I have on the holo-display. After finding similar maps on those planets, the coordinates to what the 'Infinite Empire' called the 'Star Forge'. I admit, I am unsure of exactly what this Star Forge is, but something about it makes me want to find it. That, and its name does suggest that it might be some sort of space station, but it might just be more than that.”

As Revan planned, three days later I stood on the bridge of the Radiance II, along with Revan herself. The stylings of the Interdictor class cruiser was cold, yet inviting to me. Though this was not as unsettling as the fact that I was directing my ship into a system that I'd never been to before, along with the fact that something about this was just as dark as the look on my new face. As we headed out into the unknown, once again I saw that broken figure in my mind, an echo of what I was becoming.

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