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Recklessness in Iraq


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YouTube Video

I don't think that words can put this into perspective, so the video is good enough. Basically, two Reuters journalists stationed in Baghdad were fired upon by Apache helicopters a mile way, due to the fact that a few over-the-shoulder cameras were supposedly "RPGs" and "AK-47s". The group of Iraqis were fired upon by the helicopters, killing all 12 present within the group, including the reporters. Then, a van filled with unknown individuals began to retrieve the dead, only to be fired on again by the helicopters, injuring two children inside.

The indiscriminate and carelessness nature of the gunners is the most appalling aspect, taking a certain joy in their reckless precision (or lack thereof) and little concern for possible civilian deaths. While it is very possible for the gunners to misidentify the cameras from a mile away, the fact that the supposed group of insurgents did not fire upon the helicopters, nor were they preparing to fire upon them, is a ridiculous excuse for a wanton airstrike like this.
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