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Anyone here who's known me knows I am the last to condemn the Military. I'm trying hard to see how they got RPG's and AK47's from the images. Heck people were walking with arms swinging away from their bodies. NO AK was visible. I want to be able to give them the benefit of the doubt. The only thing I can think is that they saw that group and began taking fire from elsewhere. Granted, we don't have the whole video, and MAYBE there was some creative editing... *sigh* Yeah, and maybe a unicorn will walk through my living room...

There are a lot of edits. but the reality is the gunner f4ed up. He missed rule ONE of engaging the enemy. CHECK YOUR F4ING TARGETS! Make sure you're engaging the ENEMY.

Watching this again, I could kind of see how it's slightly possible to think they were insurgents. If you pause at3:56 you see what appear to be AK's. At 4:09 you see a person appearing to be sneaking around a corner.

ps, you MIGHT want to just include a link to the youtube video. as the language is not PG13 nor is the violence depicted.

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