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i have decided to use ags
i found a sweet template that i can use to make the game
pretty much all the hard work is done for me already.

in reply to Aububuh
i am going to leave it up to the player weather they want to here the voices or not
but i am going to make it availible to them if they want to hear it

using midi sound would be awesome but i dont think that i have the time or patients to redo all of the music
so i am just going to us the cd music from the soundtrack

if anyone want to help with anything let me know
anything at all
i am currently trying to upload my Guybrush sprites from SOMI to Spriters Resource now
and i am planning on modding these sprites to look like the Guybrush from COMI

as soon as i get them started i will upload some samples
in the mean time, if anyone out there wants to throw out more ideas that would be great
the replies have already help out a lot and given me things to think about.
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