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For anyone interested, I found a forty-minute-long version of this video.

As crude as the video is, none of us have the right to criticize the gunners for their callousness. They've been in the frying pan for who-knows-how-long, and killing people sure as hell isn't easy; if it takes them cracking jokes to keep them from going insane, go for it. If none of us have ever been fired upon before, ever feared for our lives the same way the guys on the ground there do, how can we judge the situation?

On the other hand, from what I understand the strike was called in by nearby ground forces, who believed they were under fire. From when I watched the video, I thought that I saw a weapon in the hands of some of the group; now, if that's enough to authorize killing them, I don't know. But **** like this tends to happen when we've got an army trying to control a civilian-populated area; it isn't right, nor should it go unpunished, but it shouldn't be a shock, either.

Towards the end of the link I just posted, you'll note that when the Apache opens fire with the Hellfire missiles, it takes an utter disregard for civilian presence around the target building. I clearly saw men and women walking by who were promptly engulfed in the flames of the rocket. On that account, putting not one, not two, but three missiles into one building is just plain reckless and contemptible, to make no note of the gunners firing on a van picking up the wounded!
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