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Well the general rule (though my SP tactics are a bit fuzzy since I focus on MP) is that you're more susceptible to Push or Pull while you're moving or attacking. If you hold your ground (and you have some mana and the appropriate level of Push/Pull equivalent to counter theirs automatically) you shouldn't be as affected.

If you're running and hacking at them (or worse, leaping), they can toss you around a lot easier (and ditto for them).

Of course there are simply some things that AI can do that you can never do (not even with cheats), like a kind of instant push attack.

There's really no infinite force cheat that I know of (other than external trainer files out there). Instead there are things that give you a temporary or permanent boost in force REGENERATION (so it comes back faster, not so you have a limitless supply). The higher level Jedi you are, the faster your force will be able to regenerate, though.

With patience, practice and a little luck, you can overcome any of these chumps in battle. I normally play with realistic saber damage on, which can make it easier, or harder, depending upon who strikes first!

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