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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Not that I want to turn this into a TOR discussion, but lets face it. Lots of people (including me) have been turned off by TOR because of what it has done to the KOTOR series. Purist (like myself) hate the changes. That's the point of not changing the game style for TFU. Lots of people who were attracted to the game will be turned off of it. That's all you should have gotten from me making the TOR example. I never said that there would others out there who would not like the change.
I understand your point, but it's still the wrong example. TOR is still a RPG. It's not like changing a game like Jedi Knight, TFU, or Battlefront to RPG. These imply a complete change of gameplay, among other things. What differs TOR from KotOR III is being a MMO and a having to pay monthly fee. It's not a complete change of game style.

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