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Have you ever heard about "Machinarium"?

Ey guys, just finished playing this brilliant game and thought you may be interested. I know it's not Lucas related -in fact, it's from a completely unkown independent studio- but it's well worth checking out. Basically is a point & click adventure with charming characters, outstanding music and well-thought puzzles (not very long, though).

It tells the story of a little robot who was kicked out from its city and needed to go back; strangely enough, the story unfolds without dialogues, only with drawings.

To be perfectly honest I'd say I erm.. "tried" it without purchasing, but after 3-4 hours I was hooked and bought it. Really nice effort from these guys @ "Amanita design", definitely looking forward to a second part.

Seriously, play the game (and, if you like it, show the designers some support buying it).

PS: if you want to know more, just ask the guy with the <Ask me about Machinarium> badge...

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