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This may be a topic worthy of it's own thread. They usually start with a game that is hard to defend, then once people get used to a few games getting banned, add a few more things on the list of things that grown men and women are allowed to have.

what will be next? maybe one day we will see the ban of nudity. even nude photography in a non sexual fashion will be out of the question because they will be deemed inappropriate.

then what goes next? we will probably see the ban of violent use of guns. Star wars and Indiana Jones games have violence and shooting, they increase adrenaline. they make one appear more aggressive.

what comes net? there are other forms of violence in video games. we may see the ban of kung-fu, Naruto, Mortal Kombat once all the sword sorcery, and archery games are gone.

and then, one day they will ban any game where we drive above the speed limit. everyone knows if you drive too fast in a video game you are going to do that in real life, so Need For Speed has got to go.

this guy explains it better than I do:

thanks for reading.( i'm not worried about Jack Thompson himself, but other people like him.)

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