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Originally Posted by The Tingler View Post
Ah, no, Revolution didn't make Broken Sword: The Angel of Death, the fourth and most recent game in the series, which is why I specifically said that game. It was made by Sumo Digital with help from Charles Cecil and Revolution - exactly like these Doctor Who games. Whoops, SFX didn't actually mention that. Here's the official version.

What I didn't know is that most of the team behind Sumo Digital were previously the guys who ran Gremlin Interactive, a British publisher I miss very much.
I work 10-15 minutes away from Sumo Digitals offices since their based here in Sheffield and they've done well to gain a license as big as Doctor Who. I remember walking past Gremlins offices years ago many times in the city centre and they made some great games back in the good old Amiga days until they got bought out by Infogrames and unfortunatley the offices were demolished back in 2003

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