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So I've seen two episodes of the entire series. Gabez and Zaarin told me to watch "Blink". And I saw this new one.

First, I really liked it. I was taken in by the intro sequence; the music is working on a background level, if that makes sense, which I prefer to large, epic scores.

The new Doctor did a fantastic job in being a slightly crazy if brilliant almost father figure to the little girl. He's got an eerie air of being both old and new. It's great. I was sold the second he started eating fish fingers and custard.

I was hoping that the little girl would stay as a little girl, but I guess an older companion is good too. (I suppose having a little girl join the Doctor would be like Guybrush having a kid?) But still, and this shows the strength of Moffat's writing: everything, from his handling the girl's crushing disappointment ("5 minutes") to her new job, was impressive. It was a tad bit cliched, but he managed to make it work. Of course, he also wrote the great transition from the fish fingers/custard scene to the Prisoner Zero scene. You know. "Must be a hell of a scary crack in your wal, then." I dug it.

The story itself was a bit bizarre - for some reason it reminded me of Portal. I think it was the tone. I have no opinion on that - I just took it as it was. It was good if cheesy.

But I think my most favorite thing is how everything comes together, which happened in "Blink". The use of the apple was smart in making Amelia trust the Doctor.

I'm rambling, so I'll be quiet, but needless to say I'll catch the rest of the series. Someone mentioned that I should also watch the Moffat episodes from series 1-4, so I guess I will.

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