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Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
at church the priest said that the 12 disciples of Christ died for the belief in Christ. they were persecuted and killed in different ways and still said Jesus had risen. He said "they would not die for a lie."
Ignoring the obvious historicity debate, how is this argument any different here than when it is used as "evidence" for islam, judaism, etc? 76 followers of David Koresh died for their belief that he was the messiah. 909 followers of Jim Jones died for his delusions.

Does this mean that Koresh is more likely to be the messiah than jesus? Is Jones more holy than Koresh? What does this whole "people died for their beliefs" thing really tell us? It tells me that sometimes people are willing to die for what they believe. It doesn't tell me anything about the veracity of those beliefs.

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