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You know what I really want the most is not only to see this game someday but for it to continue where academy left off with multiple storylines.

If you chose darkside in academy you are left with a very nice cliffhanger as to what happens later on.

Id love to see 2 storylines based off this alone. One: You play as that character on your way to darker powers while kyle tries to stop you. You might get the opportunity to change back to light and be redeemed or I dunno something else. Or you play as kyle with your mission to get the scepter of ragnos back from your student and either convince them to turn away from the darkside or kill them trying.

I'm at a complete loss on ideas for continuing from the lightside... Perhaps you take on a padawan that might betray you later and you are again tempted to join the darkside out of the rage of being betrayed.

Lots of room for multiple storylines but I would like to see atleast the 2 darkside stories happen.

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