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New Update:

My apologies for saying nothing for a while, I've been tied down to my school work. But I should be able to put some bigger dents into SOTE by the end of next week so expect a lot of work being done over the course of the Summer. Sorry I'm not posting any screenies, those will come when the module(s) are completely reskinned.

Tantive IV - 95% complete
Just need to make a scene for a companion.
Module Reskins are completed
The Executor - 85% Complete
Need to correct some inconsistancies with the main plot
Finish module reskins
Yavin IV - 60% Complete
Need to finish the plot, about 90% done
Finish module reskins
Finish placing object
Finish side quests
Klatooine - 50% complete
Finish main plot, about 50% completed
Finish placing object, only God knows (Klatooine is very big)
Finish module reskins
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