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Originally Posted by Shana View Post
(Well considering Chev's character is out cold, there isn't much he can do at this point. So the next character to do his test should step onto the plate)
((That means I'm up. Here's the write-up: ))

Zhao stayed looking at the Vegas unit, and once he was sure that Katsu could do nothing, he decided to go to his mech.

"Katsu is obviously out. Guess that means I should go," he said, and without waiting for a response, he changed into his pilot suit, and went down to the hangar, and setup his mech for the training. He absolutely loved his Aero 8 unit - cold, black, streamlined, and efficient. It was, he did admit a bit old, but it still got the job done. Zhao got into the cockpit in the head of the mech and braced himself for the launch. He would show the others that "Demon" wasn't just a callsign.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... launch!"

Zhao felt his Aero unit go forward, and he found himself in an urban environment. Immediately, he took out his energy pike and charged forward at an enemy mech directly in front of him, causing the enemy to be impaled on his pike. Drawing the pike out of the enemy mech, he then took out his assault rifle and shot a half-dozen units moving in to attack him. When Zhao turned his Aero unit around, another mech was about to attack him with an energy sword. Zhao barely had time to react as he activated the shield Haruka had let him use on this run. The shield was able to deflect the sword's blow, and gave Zhao enough time to grab the other mech by the wrist and fling the sword away. Zhao then grabbed the mech's head with his left hand, and smashed it against a nearby building with such force, it caused an impact crater in the side of the virtual structure. Then, with his right hand, Zhao took out his assault rifle and opened fire at point-blank range on the mech's body, attempting to control the gun's recoil as it bounced around in his mech's hand. He realized that he was just fighting AI, but Zhao figured he would treat the enemies as humans. He would, in fact, do the same thing to a human opponent, as his cold, cynical views bordered on misanthropy. Zhao then armed himself with the Plasma rifle he had borrowed, turned around, and opened fire on another wave of enemy units racing towards him. After emptying the rifle, he then took out two fully sized MGs, holding one in each hand, and walked down the virtual street warily. As he turned a corner, he opened fire on another large group of mechs, mowing them down mercilessly. Zhao heard movement behind him, and saw mechs armed with shields and swords. He then decided to take out his pike - no use using bullets on shields - and ran forward into the group of units. He was able to use the momentum from running forward to impale a unit through the head, and then, having only a short time to react, turned to his left to spike another unit, though as the pike was still going through the mech he had just impaled, the head portion ended up being ripped off. The pike, however, simply glanced off the enemy's shield. Realizing he might not have an easy time, Zhao took out one of his high explosive bombs, and threw it against a nearby building, causing an explosion large enough to bring down the building and crush the remaining mechs. Zhao saw two last powerful-looking enemies come up to face him. Remembering that the mech's head was still on his pike, Zhao slid it off the long spear and tossed it toward one of the mechs. The head bounced off and did not do any damage to the enemy, but it did distract it for a few seconds, which was all the time Zhao needed. He activated the jetpack on the back of his mech and charged forward, pike out in front. He ended up spearing the other mech with so much force that it slid halfway down the pike. Zhao then stabbed the ground with the spear, and, in an act most would consider barbarous, he stomped on top of the still-impaled mech's head, decapitating it. Zhao figured that was probably how he got his callsign - he would kill enemies in rather brutal ways. Ripping off the rest of the mech's body off the spear, Zhao turned to face the other mech, and saw it begin to go up into the air. Zhao wasted no time. He stuck the spear in the ground so the pointy end was facing up - he figured the pike was too unwieldy to use in mid-air - and activated his mech's jetpack to reach the last mech in mid-air. Both Zhao and the enemy threw punches and kicks, but vitually no progress was made by either. It was then Zhao got an idea. He activated some boosters on the jetpack that made him charge quickly towards the enemy unit. Catching the enemy off-guard, he was able to grab it under the crook of his mech's arm. He then faced towards the ground, and went towards it at an alarming speed. Then, when he came close to his energy pike Zhao threw the enemy unit on the long spear, with such force that it slid down to the very bottom, and would have kept going if there was no ground beneath the pike.

Zhao returned to the hangar and got out of his Aero 8. He changed back to his regular clothes and returned to the observation room. He said nothing as he sat down in his original seat. He figured he had defeated some of the units brutally enough that nobody would want to even interact with him.

But they aren't like everyone back there, he felt his conscience tell him.

Perhaps, Zhao thought. But I have, and always will be, a loner. Besides, who wants to be associated with a sadistic and brutal person? Society is a cruel, unforgiving place, that only accepts those that conform to the majority's beliefs.

((Sorry for the wall of text, but oh well. Guess I got a little too imaginative. ))

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