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Xavier looked over at Haruka after watching Katsu's test. He waited for her to speak before he did.

"I don't want to come off as Mr. Negative here but is he the best choice for this team? I have nothing against Katsu, all I'm saying is that his little freak out he had back there could jeopardize the rest of us."

He suddenly found himself glued to Zhao's test when it was announced. He watched Zhao decimate the mechs and couldn't help but let out a small chuckle.

"I take my statement back, Zhao could probably watch over him."

He watched Zhao enter the room and sit down like nothing had happened.

"Nice work out there Rambo, I didn't know I was gonna have competition in the brutal department; but I do know a Demon and a Psycho are gonna cause all kinds of hell for the enemy."
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