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K1 - Republic Camouflage Armors

Hey all,
I'm making a mod which introduces a bunch of new Republic armors into the game: camo style.
So, you as the PC will get a bunch of different styles of Republic camo armors in the beginning of the game in your locker. Also, all Republic troopers in the game will be randomly assigned the new armors to give everyone a fresh look.

The reason I'm posting a WIP thread of this is really to get feedback. I'm taking my time on this one, so please let me know how I can improve on the skins or give other suggestions for the mod.
Now, everyones favorite part... screenshots! I have the male skins done so far:

Show spoiler


Edit: Switching back to my browsing computer I see the "Night Ops" skin might be too dark. My PC is really bright so I'll work on that. Trust me, there's a camo pattern there

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