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Yes,maybe so , but i have faith in Lucasarts, that atleast monitore the interest in their products ! I mean , they won me as a fan forever with Republic Commando, i`m playing the game since 2005 and haven`t stopped yet... it is unique , but a second game is totally necessary ! The story line,the graphic, the whole idea was pure GOLD ! I mean the game is still playable for some many ppl , look at xfire rating for example ... I read somewhere that the rest of the delta joined the 501st, and the idea of Imperial Commando seems more realistic, but hey... storm troopies are lame , we all want the good old republic spirit back ! Lucasarts can make a superb second storyline ... like , the replacement for sev turns out a traitor,but sev saves them or something ... oh come on, you all know that a RC2 would make a boom in the markets for sure !
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