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Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
Yeah, I reskinned the Malachor leverl to be the valley floor of the Valley of the Lords. So, what to do to the entrance of Trayus Academy? I just made it as another Secret Sith Academy on Korriban run by another Sith Lord. The inside of the academy is a reskined Onderon Queen's castle. You'll have a couple small quests, pick up some force powers, fight some Sith..hopefully add to some replay.
Oh my misinterpretation. I thought this mod will add content to Korriban AND Malachor Trayus Academy ... it's only on Korriban right?

that's great then. Using Trayus' reskinning should look great at Korriban valley indeed, as well as the Queen's castle. The new surviving Korriban Sith Lord isn't gonna be a ghost like the Spirit of Ajunta Pall in the original Kotor? just to do something different u know ... it'd be really interesting to see how you manage to create a logical story behind his survival -or just a recent arrival ah??- in that planet ...

keep up the good work

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