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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
Having an in-depth illustrated compatibility troubleshooting type thing is something I intended to do on the perpetually back burned GFN and it's sorely missing, with people often asking the same stuff in the Glottis' Garage forum and stuff. It'd be great if you could somehow do something with the ridiculous amount of fixes and hacks needed to get the same working properly.
Yeah, it's a shame how many people must give up on trying to play the game because they can't get it to run, and even though there might an easy solution, it's not possible to find without a lot of searching through Glottis' Garage.

Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
Definitely keep an option for news though as with LucasArts' classic game fetish right now there may very well be a re-release in the future that fixes this stuff.
Haha well that would be sweet. Something else I'm wondering is if news about other projects by Tim Schafer or adventure projects by LucasArts should be covered by the site's news and briefly mentioned in the content.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Also, what ever happened with the GF Half Life 2 Mod?
Well, it's "on hold" for now. The main problem was that there was a lot of disagreement over the whole direction of the mod - with the two extremes being something identical to GF's style, and a FPS set in the GF universe. This was probably because there wasn't a solid story, so when people agreed to help they might have got the wrong idea.

Someone is working on a story/gameplay plan for the mod now. The idea being that anyone who wants to help can take a look and determine whether it's the type of project they're interested in, and we have something concrete to build content around. So basically the mod could still be restarted under the right circumstances, but don't hold your breath

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