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((Writer go ahead and take the girls if you like. If you want I can play one of them as well. I've been in the same boat with up to six characters. Alkonium can tell you that. LOL. Just let me know your preference.))

Aruko gave his name and as expected he was asked, "You wouldn't happen to be related to Commander Lauren Blackfern would you?"

Aruko had always considered lying about it but in the end someone always found out. So grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns, he replied, "Yes sir. My mother."

"That so? Well we expect a lot of you son," and the officer processed his paperwork. "Cmdr Blackfern is a good officer."

"Yes sir," Aruko replied as he took the pad with his rooming assignment and moved onward. He hoped that none of the other cadets overheard his conversation. He looked down and read the name of his roommate. He wore a perplexed frown as he joined Ray, Damien and the others accidentally bumping the girl the Zabran chewed out earlier. He looked up and immediately apologized, "Sorry about that."

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