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Originally Posted by RC #38 View Post
but right now LA is in a kid-friendly phase with Star Wars.
I wouldn't call it 'kid-friendly'. They are not making games for children they are making them for general fans, which is all ages because...well, it's Star Wars and lot's of people have grown up with it.

Originally Posted by Koietovascorch View Post
Maybe this is just a prelude, you know the clone wars... and suddenly republic commando 2 pops-out of nowhere, as an easter egg for example ?
Hm, I really don't know about that. TCW is generally where the RCs did their work. So there wouldn't be much to base a game on durring that period. Now, if your talking about making a game with Imperial Commandos, that makes since.

I mean LUCASARTS can`t be so blind to notice that RC is a gold mine :P
LucasArts is so blind Jesus couldn't heal them.

Originally Posted by RC #38 View Post
Alas, the sales of RC weren't as high as others in it's time, and now........ well, it's plainly irrelevant compared to their TCW cash-cow.
I think that is due to change, or at least hopefully it will. Everyone is become quite sick of clones.

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