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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Oh, also, I was looking through the site...I think that there should be a direct link to these forums somewhere on there (where it's easy to find).
I guess the reason there isn't an obvious link at the moment is because there's no continuity between the sites (need to register for each), and once here there's no link back to But I agree they serve different purposes (LF -> place to talk, not necessarily on-topic / -> archive of information and place to share fan content) so I'll think of somewhere more obvious to slot a link in

Originally Posted by MeddlingMonk View Post
I'm certainly up for some writing. I think, at least, that the stuff under 'Game World' could use some rewriting. There's nothing exactly wrong, much, with what's there but those are topics that could use a little creativity. I could give that a go if you like.
Great! Yep, that's definitely an area which would benefit from being more creative. I'd be more than happy for you to rewrite those

Originally Posted by MeddlingMonk View Post
Where you talk about 'something GF related', is there any general types of something you're after? Or maybe, if you haven't, the 'Fan Content' section could have a nonfiction section.
Content-wise I don't have anything specific in mind apart from improved versions of the current sections.

What I'm trying to get at is, if someone else went about making a GF site, it would probably have quite different content. I know web-design so I was able to get something up, but that doesn't mean the choices I made for content pages were the best. If someone has an idea for content which visitors would find useful or enjoyable, the site is a good medium for it to be published on. So any ideas that people have that don't fit anywhere in the current sections are fine and I'd definitely consider them.

Attempting to give an example, here there's some info someone emailed me on how to set your controller to a WiiMote. Is that useful? Yep. Are there more similar tricks that people with adequate knowledge could write about? Probably. Was I able to write anything more on the subject or think of a menu category to put it under? Nope.

Not quite sure what you're thinking of with a nonfiction section for fan content..?

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