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Originally Posted by Aububuh View Post
I don't think there's much sheet music for any of the Monkey Island games, but I could probably transcribe some pieces by ear, then give them to you to put into your synthesisers. Where did you get this program, anyway?
You're making it more complicated than it needs to be. All you need to do is play Monkey Island 2 in DOSBox in Roland MT-32 mode (type "monkey2.exe r") and get DOSBox to stream the MIDI data to a MIDI file. There's a shortcut key for it but I don't recall it...

And what's wrong with AGS? It's the perfect candidate for a project like this from where I'm standing...I've never even heard of PAC-DK. I'd be worried about the quality and authenticity of the final product on anything other than AGS. But I've never seen a PAC-DK game either. Maybe if you made a little demo with it?

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