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Indeed. I see troopers as ranged tanks.

It's more of a modern warfare in this instance. It's not WoW. The majority of combatants no longer carry swords and shields. They carry guns. Thus you have to think in a gun oriented way.

Throw down covering fire or explosives to get people to pay attention to you. Sure they may be at a disadvantage when something like a jedi comes plowing in at super speed, but even then they should be able to lay down enough firepower to make the jedi think twice about moving forward and not being in full deflect mode.

If we end up with the only tanking class in the game being a Melee Jedi class I just won't understand it because it just simply doesn't make sense in today's style of warfare.

It's almost like how in early SWG when the main form of transportation was critters and how Creature Handlers were everywhere pitting rancor against rancor. Stop thinking in the traditional RPG mindset and set your sights on the Star Wars universe.

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