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If we are tossing aside normal ideas of RPG, then why not toss aside lingo like Tank?

I don't even know how that would work, primarily because every class in this game seems to be fit to take care of itself.

Literally the only class I can't see basically being Hero awesome is smuggler. The trooper is an elite, advanced fight, then you got spies, and the Jedi (who we know can take care of themselves), and the Bounty Hunter who base their careers on taking care of themselves. You look at WoW, Guild Wars, and so on and you have some pretty clear cut lines between support, tank, cannon, and so on. I don't even really know where to start giving out labels on these 8. I can easily see a party eating through regular people, but bosses are going to be odd. Who and what will bosses be? Sith?

If Sith are the case, then the Jedi are now your tanks. If we have to fight a ship, perhaps the ranged. Giant Robot? Probably a mix. If I had to guess, I'd say that who Tanks and who doesn't is really going to depend on who and what you are fighting, as since the only confirmed level bosses are Sith then it makes sense that the Jedi would be the ones in there fighting. As for things like ships, turrents, and so on then sure the overwhelmingly ranged class list would definitely be useful.

Originally Posted by darthfergie
If we end up with the only tanking class in the game being a Melee Jedi class I just won't understand it because it just simply doesn't make sense in today's style of warfare.
They are clothed out wizards with physics defying laser swords that can crush your brain with their mind and cut your bullets out of the air before you know you'd even shoot them. By all means, they shouldn't exist nor work

Ranged vs ranged tanking I can see the Trooper/Bounty Hunter being your tank. The idea of using your trooper to tank Sith, however, doesn't seem like the most valid when there is a lightsaber combat system built into the game for that exact purpose.

Here, just let me turn this over in your head for a moment:

The Trooper shares the space of the Bounty Hunter. While it would make some sense for the Trooper to be down there laying down fire, it doesn't so much for the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter, more than any class in this game, seem to be built as a ranged DPS. They are assassins by trade, not known for up front melee fighting, and so on. To have a Trooper tanking seems right, but switch it over to the Sith and the Bounty Hunter seems like a rather bad choice.

Since most of this game looks like it will be ranged I wouldn't worry too much, but when a Sith master drops in you're probably going to be wishing you had a Jedi to keep from being mauled.

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