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"I know it may be hard to trust someone so easily, especially after we've just met, but believe me, I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in you and your talents".

Katsu shook his head slowly and smiled slightly again. "No...perhaps it is the time for the story to be told.

"Two years before I joined the MDN I was part of military unit that often went out on seek and destroy missions to destroy enemy mechs. We were returning from a mission when we were ambushed by one of our own."

Katsu clenched his fist and looked down at the ground before rasing his gaze to Haruka again.

"His name was Torv, and before he betrayed us he was the pride of our unit. He was talented, almost unstoppable when he was in a mech and knew how to come up with strategies even in the middle of a battle. But from the first time I saw him I knew something was wrong with him. He loved the thought of having power, I guess we just never thought of how far he would go to get it."

He took a deep breath before continuing.

"We were unprepared when he finally allied himself with the enemy. He and his new allies attacked us in the dead of night. I was able to get to the Vegas and was able to barely fight him off but by that time everyone else was dead. I managed to destroy the command center of his mech but my Mech sustained very heavy damage and it was only through pure luck that I was able to get back to friendly territory."

Katsu's eyes took on a sad look.

When I was out on a routine patrol a year later I found out that I didn't kill him like I thought. I had managed to capture an enemy solder who told me the truth: Torv was alive and was swiftly moving up in the ranks of the enemy."

His eyes took on a much harder look.

"It was that day that I swore I would take him down. Once and for all. Torv is a menace to humanity that needs to be stopped."

Katsu looked down again and this time didn't raise his eyes.

"I found after the ambush that I had severe problems. I had trouble sleeping and found that I would sometimes turn on my allies without even remembering what I had done. I simply worked alone after that."

He raised his eyes again.

" you know the story. So what are you going to do with me? Lock me up? Kill me?"
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