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Haruka slapped Katsu's hand gently and gave him a grin.

"Of course not!", Haruka said getting up and looking at him. "I think what you went through was battle trauma, the only way to deal with something like that is to face it".

She then opened the window which overlooked the main hangar. They could see the training ground from there.

"We are all in the same cause", Haruka paused, she had her back to him, her expression wasn't visible to him but she had a serious look. She then turned to face him with a smile.

"You are part of our unit now Katsu, and we look after our own", Haruka said and moved towards the door. "If we find Torv, we'll go after him with everything we've got. We'll back you up a hundred percent. Oh! And make sure you go into the observation room again, I'm sure the guys are curious to know how you're doing".

She left the room and was instantly called by Takahashi.


"The situation remains, we're almost in business", Haruka said and moved away from the room going to the lab.

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