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Originally Posted by Jackpumpkinhead View Post
I love these
would you be willing to help me out with some of the sprites?
I just don't think I'm reliable enough XD It'll never be finished with me helping out. I'm mainly a suggestion guy but I usually make a suggestion and then think "I can do this, so I will". Monkey Mania will do it Won't cha?

Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
I melded the two together.
While it's nice that you attempted to make a compromise between the two I just feel that the only reason I changed it in the first place was the size of the head and how the nose looks etc. So changing that back to the larger style makes mine utterly pointless other than removing some gold on his shoes :/

I really feel as though the thinner Guybrush head shape is the only way to go. The larger MI2 style head just seems to suit a beard better but just doesn't look right without one. It's a really small pixel wide difference but the slightest pixel change really does change everything. I mean if you were to remove a pixel for the eye... he only has one eye, pixels make big differences.

Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
Bloodnose Wally
It would seem to me that most of Wally's original sprites in MI2 have a strong glow on one side of his face due to a lamp on his desk and the low key lighting when he's above the pit. You should probably change the shading on Wally for this CMI version, because it just looks a little odd with such a strong shading on his head.

Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
Demon LeChuck
Didn't expect LeChuck to look so good with a simple colour change for his flaming beard :P Should probably do something about his eyebrows though... either remove them, make them flaming, or make them less noticable and more skin toned...

Edit: Also btw, I think Elaine should have the same clothes because she did from MI1 and MI2. Would also save some time on your part :P

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