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I've thought of them as Paladins before, just ranged paladins. I believe one of the earliest dev talks about Trooper mentioned that they have the ability to buff their squadmates too, to help their Trooper squad in battle. All the tanking stuff has just been wistful thinking on my part. I'd hate to be the guy in the heaviest armor in the game, only to find out the only person who can take a lot of hits is actually the guy wearing threadbare cloth robes. Just seems counterintuitive and skewed towards Jedi supremacy. We already know Jedi can DPS and heal, do we really need them to be the tanks too? If they can do all 3, why would anyone roll anything else? At least we know Troopers can't heal and Smugglers can't tank, so those 2 aren't at risk of taking all the roles. I like the idea of Trooper fitting a role of tank+dps+a few buffs.

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