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"Understood. Dourden out." Iyav replied, switching off the comm, and veering closer to the Cygnus.

As they made their approach, they started picking up another signal from the Star Destroyer. "It's just a short range message, probably important." Komad commented, putting it through. "WARNING: THIS STARSHIP IS UNDER QUARANTINE. DO NOT APPROACH WITHOUT EXERCISING PROPER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS." He then switched it off, adding, "Now let's have another listen to the signal that led us here. It should be much clearer at this distance." He then put that message through, and they heard a panicking, female voice saying, "I think we're the only ones left. They're everywhere. I don't much time, so listen. I don't care who you are, help us. Even the New Empire must have the decency for that. We can't isolate it, sedatives seem to be useless, and they're between us and the blasters, oh no, they found me! I'm not going down without a fight!" Komad switched the message off before it repeated.

"We'll need hazmat suits and our weapons if we want to get anywhere." Iyav pointed out. "An incursion prompting a quarantine? This doesn't make sense. And what about the Guardsmen? They would never have let a situation get this bad. I want answers." Komad commented. Iyav then put his arm around Komad's shoulder, looked into his eyes, and said, "There's only one place to find any."

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