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"Star Chaser, this is Iyav Dourden of the Silver Eagle. We welcome the assistance, and we'll meet you at the starboard hangar." Iyav sent out before taking the ship in for a landing.

Komad and Iyav stepped out of the Silver Eagle and into the starboard hangar of the Cygnus, keeping their hands close to their weapons. "And naturally, the doors are magnetically sealed. That's not going to be a problem, is it?" Komad inquired, already knowing the answer.

"What do you take me for?" Iyav jokingly asked, taking out a datapad, and punching a few keys on both it and a control panel next to the door, before finally pressing a button on the datapad, opening the door. "Makeshift remote control, it'll allow us to get the survivors out, while keeping whatever they're fighting in." He explained. "After you." As he crossed the threshold, Komad activated his lightsabers, realising it just about pitch black within the ship itself.

"It's worse than I originally thought. Even if this ship were running only backup power, it would still be brighter than this, which would indicate that the glowpanels have been manually smashed." Komad suggested, pointing to the ceiling and proving his suspicions right. "That or they've been overloaded to the point of shattering. Either way, it seems deliberate. The question is who did it, the crew, or the invaders? Oh, and there's our friend now." Iyav replied, looking back out the doorway and spotting the Star Chaser enter the hangar.


As Andorra got up to leave, Reyvan entered the counsellor's office, saying a quick "Hello, Andorra." before sitting down. As soon as Andorra was out of earshot, he said, "You know she'll never really be free of what happened to her. She'll carry it with her the rest of her life. Burying that guilt will only make things worse. She needs to face it, come to terms with it. What might help is someone she might identify with. Someone with similar experiences, such as my wife. She was possessed by Darth Virul as well, during the Battle of Rhen Var."

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