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Darth Payne, thanks for all your reccomendations.

Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Wouldn't a better name for a Night Ops variant be Black Ops?

Btw, i like what i see in the newer screenies. Will there be a variant without the helmet?
The variant that the PC will recieve will have no helmet. The Republic Soldiers will still have their helmets, but with a matching skin as shown in the screens.

The way i see it you need the following:

White/Grey: for snow worlds.
Blue/Grey: for water worlds.
Tan/Brown: for desert worlds.
Grey/Black: for Urban combat. The armor in your last post is pretty close, the white plate on the torsoe makes a pretty big target though.
Instead of the one I have above as an Urban/Snow combo type thing, I made two individual skins to suit two different locations:

Show spoiler

Like these or the above better? They look great in-game too. I could ditch these two and just use the first Snow/urban one but I want to hear what people think.

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