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Originally Posted by RpTheHotrod View Post
Well, sucks to be me. I have a 2008 Ford Focus SE, and I'd need to replace to head in order to get a good amp/sub in there. Unfortunately, that would involve replacing my whole dash area where the radio would go...and no stores here locally that I can find sell it >_<

Any ideas before I order online?
Actually, I can help you with this. I used to have a pretty sweet sound system in my last couple of vehicles, until I lost interest in it, and frankly, I got sick of having to remove the items from the vehicles once I traded them in or whatever. That being said, think about the longevity of your vehicle before you spend an astronomical amount of money.

Now for the head unit, it's the easiest part, and brands are no longer really an issue. You want something with 50W x 4, which is pretty standard for any head unit. Don't cry about the dashboard, your local Best Buy or any car audio place with have brackets and braces for every car known to man. Head units can cost anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. What separates them is what they do. Are you looking for XM Radio? Remote access? Do you want to link it to your cell phone? My advice is just get something standard with a Front-mount auxiliary input, so you can hook up your laptop, PSP, or mp3 player of choice into your rig. You will enjoy your system more if you keep your options open.

This one here doesn't look bad:

Also, one other thing. Several years ago, car audio installers for big box retailers used to be very professional. Now days, it is some kid who works part time, on the weekends, and you will probably have to wait for several hours while he works on the 4 to 8 cars ahead of you. So my advice is now is either do it yourself, or have a friend who has at least installed one car stereo in his life time to do it for you.

Hope that helps.
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