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from the doctor who website:

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YouTube Video

The first footage of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has been released and can be viewed right here!

It shows the Doctor and Amy confronted by one of the new look Daleks in a nightmarish vision of London... in 1963! The short trailer also announces that the first of the four free games - downloadable from this site - will be made available from June 5, 2010.

We'll be bringing you all the latest news plus exclusives on the games on the run up to the launch and beyond. A major event around the adventures will be held this coming week in Sheffield as members of the public will have a chance to try out the new games in which you the player become the Doctor! Journalists will also meet with some of the makers of the game and visit Sumo, the British company who were the project's lead supplier. Please note, no tickets are available for this event but in a world first, to celebrate the imminent launch of the games, three of the new look Daleks will be invading Sheffield Train Station from 08.00 - 10.00am on Wednesday. Please come along to cheer them/boo them depending on your feelings towards the Doctor's most iconic enemies!

And you can also get involved by contacting us. That's because stories and scripts for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are by Phil Ford and James Moran. Phil will be at the event on Wednesday, alongside Charles Cecil, one of the gaming industry's legends who co-Executive Produced the episodes. We want your questions for Phil and Charles! We'll be meeting up with them and will put your questions to them... so get thinking and let us know what you want us to ask on your behalf. We'll be posting their answers soon.

In the meantime, if you want inspiration for your questions why not check out Charles Cecil's first update - he outlines his involvement with the games and let's us know what stage has been reached in their development. Let's hope they're almost ready as the first one is available in the first week of June!

Might try and see if I can start work an hour later and go to that event since train station is only down the road.

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