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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Please do! Yoko Kanno makes the most amazing soundtracks in anything I've ever heard behind John Williams...Macross Plus (never seen it but my sister gave me the soundtrack) has one of the greatest stand-alone orchestral work let alone soundtracks.
Indeed, she is my absolute favourite composer. She is truly a genius. Don't mention the Macross soundtrack to Lynk, or he'll never shut up. Myung Theme and Pulse are beyond awesome. <3 You need to get yourself the Cowboy Bebop and GITS:SAC soundtracks too.

Originally Posted by Darca Lar View Post
I haven't watched or read anime in awhile. The closest thing I've read to anime are the Star Wars comics and the closest thing to anime I've watched is...well nothing really. The last anime I've read would be Chronicles of the Cursed Sword. and the last anime I've watched would be Devil May Cry.
Yeah well, this is an Anime/Manga/Comics forum so...

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