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Counselor Didac raised a skeptical eyebrow at Reyvan. "Really?" he asked, attempting to keep his voice neutral and measured but failing. There was no such thing as keeping a "neutral tone of voice" when one felt the twinges of professional jealousy. "Your wife was a victim as well? In my own opinion, sir, that is rather like the blind leading the blind. You wouldn't trust a Hutt to help one of his fetid fellows deal with his addiction to liquor and recreational drugs, would you?" He shook his head. "Still, if she's as experienced as you claim in dealing with the aftermath of Sith possession, perhaps it is better to leave Miss Evenstar in her charge for her follow-up care program." He took out a datapad.

"Excuse me," said Andorra coolly, "but have I no say in this? Even though I agree with my comrade, I don't appreciate you talking about me as if I were invisible, Counselor." Didac, his face turning fifteen shades of red, mumbled a hasty apology and mentioned something about 'having to get back to the patient archives for some routine updating of the case files.'. In the meantime Andorra was free to leave the medical facility. Counselor Didac left.

She winked. "Thank you for helping me get rid of him. He's so condescending!"
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