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Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5 View Post
where is the HK factory, and how do I get to it? *facepalm*
Well, since I haven't played the restoration since the Beta, I don't know if Stoney and the devs changed anything, but AFAIK, all you have to do is have HK in your party when one of the groups of HK-50s attack, and have had the conversation with HK about the voice thing you get on Peragus.

After that, you should have a little sequence where HK-47 tortures a captured HK-50, and the tortured assassin droid spills the beans on the location of the plant. But you can't act on those locations until the Battle of Telos.

TL;DR version: kill groups of HK units, have HK-47 torture the HK-50, then play the game like you normally would, it will happen either before or after you join the fight on the station. (Before, if memory serves correctly)
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