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"First of all, rescuing survivors is not our only goal. We also need to figure out what happened here and why. Second, this ship is under quarantine, so unless you've got an air filter you could put on, you'll have to wait here until we determine it's nothing airborne." Iyav explained.

As Iyav explained the situation, Komad came across what appeared to be a Guardsman in noticeably battered armour. He noticed that the Guardsman was walking in a slow, lumbering manner, and he seemed to have several discoloured blotches on any part of exposed skin.

"Trooper, what's happened here?" Komad asked, to which the Guardsman responded with just a long groan, and opening his mouth, revealing his bloodstained teeth. Realising the Guardsman was becoming aggressive, he then ordered him to stand down several times before he got too close and Komad was forced to cut him down with his lightsabers.

"What could have done this? It's not an invasion, it's an infection." He asked rhetorically, not really directing the question at anyone in particular.
"Don't worry about it. The Jedi Masters seemed similar when I was your age. To be honest, though, what I said about my wife is true, though her situation was quite different from yours. She was only possessed for a relatively short time, and Virul had near complete control. She was his first victim, and the only one other than you to escape." Reyvan told her as they made their way out of the facility. "Tell me Andorra, have seen your mother at all since you were rescued?"

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