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Originally Posted by Longcat View Post
There are no problems at all running this game on Win 7, and I just remembered why:P
You can run it in DosBox. I'm playing it right now with a 3x advmame scaler.
Ooh that sounds good. My experience of DOSBox is that you need a killer PC to run it, though, because it runs DOS over the top of everything else (is that right? Has that changed?) so I could only run Magic Carpet very slowly (mind you, that was on my rubbish laptop).

A higher res version of TLE would be possible because the game was shrunk down to fit onto 3 CDs (and I suppose people's computer resolutions)... shows higher res, as does

The soundtrack was also compressed (I have the soundtrack CD and it's better quality, as you'd expect)

Can you post a screen shot of the game with the filter? I'd love to see what it looked like -- presumably it only works on the characters?
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