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Originally Posted by Psyk0Sith View Post
The only problem i have is audio getting lost in the cutscenes (and sometimes desynch)

Here's a silly thought, did you try playing the bink movies with the bink palyer?:

If you cant play them, then there's an issue with something other than the game itself. Do you have a codec pack such as ffdshow installed? Can you see the logo movies when the game starts or it stays black until the menu appears?
Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately I can't even find where the BINK movies are, and I guess it doesn't help that I bought the game on Steam.

I don't have any codecs that, as far as I know, would interfere with the movies, as all other BINK movies on other games work just fine.
My DxDiag files are stating that I do have a ffdshow decoder. Although no other files exist with that name on my computer. Any idea how I would uninstall it?

I can't see the logo movies at all. There's nothing on the screen until the menu comes up.

EDIT: I tried lowering my resolution, but that didn't help either.
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