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A League Of Their Own

Gallion, the once peaceful city that now bleeds corruption. The mayor of the town has requested help for what he's calling a "supernatural disturbance". We sent a small squad to deal with this problem...however they haven't responded. So now we're sending you (Insert Name) to tackle this problem. We've seen your abilities before and we know you can handle this situation. Your mission is simple, stop whatever this "supernatural problem" is and locate our missing squad. We know you can do this (Insert Name), Good Luck!
Charles Hayter, Director of the U.E.D

Anthony Darson read the letter one more time and laughed at it. He looked up at this so called peaceful city and laughed a second time. All he could see were buildings, no residents just buildings. He had arrived in the city an hour ago thanks to his built in jet boots and he still couldn't find anyone. Did the mayor of this town evacuate the entire city?

"Must be quite the problem," he said to himself as he activated his jet boots again.
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