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Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
i like this but...
i think that the backgrounds are a little to cartoony
compared to the sprites
though this is a good idea for just filler until we/i can redo the backgrounds
to make them look more SMI or MI3'ish

Originally Posted by Aububuh View Post
Nice mock-up.

Seriously though, one thing we could try to do is focus on making the CMI one-room demo, release that, then build the game from there. That way we have something relatively small and simple to start with, and we could have something presentable before embarking on re-making the whole game. Plus, we already have some of the Guybrush and Wally sprites ready to go, so that part shouldn't be too hard.

Here's the demo I'm talking about.
i havent played this demo
but if it is what i am thinking it is then
this was kinda the plan
i dont know how far i will get with this project
so i am just planning on working little by little to get it done
this is a huge task
but i hope that with help from this forum
i will be able to complete it
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