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Bounty Hunter I have no problem being a tank to be honest.
BHs like Mandos go toe to toe with Jedi using their extra gadgets to even the fight. Books are full of highly skilled assassins/BHs going toe to toe with Jedi and holding their own in about 1 out of 10 fights. heh.

BHs also have flamethrower which can keep melee at range as well as a jetpack to do so too.

The trooper was the only one that I was semi doubting toe to toe capabilities. But even then they could have weapons to drive back melee.

Dunno. It'd be hard mechanics to implement I'm sure. But all that armor is for what exactly if not to be a hulking monster on the battlefield?

Yeah...putting crazy melee into the equation has made things a little out of whack. I guess I just need to get used to the fact there are craptons of Jedi.

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