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If Alkonium's okay with it, I would like to add one other character.

Name: Haruka
Age: 25
Species: Human
Orientation: Hetero
Homeworld: NarShadda
Affliation: none
Occupation:smuggler, detective, merc, etc
Description: Dressed like a typical spacer, he wears black pants and boots with a black top and his jacket is black on the lower half with dark green on the top half. Brown hair, hazel-green eyes. Roughly 5'9" and has an athletic build. Not muscular but not flabby. Lean.
Weapons: modified blaster and skills as a slicer
Bio: As far as he knows, Haruka is an orphan and survived the mean streets of NarShadda. He has always been aware that he was different in his ability of quick reflexes. He learned that the only way to survive was to make it a priority. His companion is a small droid that stands knee high which a friend long dead from the Refugee Center built. He makes his living doing odd jobs for anyone with credits though he has his principles. Lately he has heard rumors that someone was looking for him though he doesn't know why.

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