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First of all, rescuing survivors is not our only goal. We also need to figure out what happened here and why. Second, this ship is under quarantine, so unless you've got an air filter you could put on, you'll have to wait here until we determine it's nothing airborne."

"Actually," Kerlos replied. "I do happen to have one air-filter and a back-up one on my ship. May as well get both of them now." Kerlos had barely finished when the Jedi had to slash the undead soldier. Kerlos rushed back in his ship, his heart racing, and took out both his air-filter and the back-up, and put on the filter as he walked back outside.

"I only have one spare, so only one of you can wear this if you need it," Kerlos said to the duo, trying to be polite. "By the way, I don't think I caught either of your names?"

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